The Moment is our shorthand for capturing the enormity of the first world war. No community was untouched. Whether you attach it to the declaration of war in August 1914, the horrors of the conflict or the resultant social upheaval it was the Moment of the world changing forever.

Our project is to record, in the context of 100 years ago, what happened in the working landscape of the ‘Golden Triangle’ villages centred around Dymock, Gloucestershire.

Above all this is a community project designed to encourage participation, recover lost memories and artefacts and celebrate the importance of our beautiful landscape.

The Friends of the Dymock Poets and the University of Gloucestershire are supporting our efforts.  As we gather information, stories and images these will appear within cross referenced editorial themes on the moment.press website.  Watch out for original poetry from Gloucestershire schools, and oral histories from the community events and workshops we will organise over the next four years.

Get Involved!

Garland Hut Opening

Sunday June 18th | Start 9.30, 10.00, or 10.20 | Redmarley Village Hall
FREE but numbers are limited to 100
To reserve tickets for the free CENTENARY WALK or CYCLE TOUR
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Ceramic Daffodils Remembrance Project

DAFFODILS TOTAL = 201 and counting!
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Your Stories

Let us offer you support to research, write, record, create or contribute your local knowledge, images, memories and ephemera. Help celebrate the heritage of our lovely landscape,
email us at: info@themoment.press

Celebrating our heritage,
loving our landscape