Daffodils of Remembrance

Daffodil Community Workshop

A field of ceramic daffodils in the making…

You may remember the amazing poppy project at the Tower of London earlier this year. We would like to do something similar but with ceramic daffodils. The aim is to build toward a ‘field of daffodils’ individually made by people within the Leadon Vale community and the wider area.

The daffodil is a part of our local heritage and a symbol of our unique countryside which has an important role in many of the poems by the Dymock Poets. Once in abundance the wild daffodil, which is not a protected species, is still found in hedgerows and a few fields and orchards. There was once a thriving industry for daffodil picking and now tourists and visitors still come in their thousands to enjoy the spring displays of yellow.

On Friday 18th September, there will be a project launch with afternoon workshops held in Ann Cam School. The first session will involve Class 4 children (with parents also invited to attend) followed by a second session for members of the community, beginning at 3.30pm. There will be a small charge of £6 towards material expenses.

Workshops will be led by Jon and Sarah Williams from Eastnor Pottery who have an excellent record of working with the community. They will guide you through the process of making and painting and will be responsible for glazing and firing your daffodil. (Further sessions will be held at Eastnor pottery, and you can plan your own family or community session by contacting the Pottery, here at info@themoment.press or join us on facebook).

The daffodils we are making will be ready to form part of a commemorative garden of Remembrance when our community gather to pay tribute to those that gave their lives in the First World War. You are personally invited to place your daffodil in this display when children from Ann Cam School and members of the community gather in St Mary’s Church at 7pm on Friday 6th November. Following this ceremony, the garden will remain in place until Friday 13th. We would like to keep the daffodils until the Dymock daffodil weekend for an even larger display and everyone will be invited to collect their daffodil to display at home.

We hope that these daffodils will be brought together for future events at important times of the year such as Easter and further workshops will enable the display to grow in size and importance as well as in our affections. We aim to make our unique daffodils a major centrepiece for future important events and services in our Windcross Parishes and across the Leadon Vale.

Reserve your place now and come and join in the fun!

Friday 18th September
Ann Cam School, Dymock, GL18 2BH

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Ceramic Daffodils Remembrance Project

DAFFODILS TOTAL = 201 and counting!
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