25th February, 2016

Volunteers Needed!

Cemetary Angel

Friday 4th March, 11.00am at St Mary’s Church, Dymock GL18 2AQ

Volunteers needed to help map and transcribe the headstones
in Dymock Churchyard. Many of the headstones are being eroded
by time and need recording to preserve the inscriptions.
If you are interested please come to an informal meeting on:
Friday 4th March, 11.00am
at St Mary’s Church, Dymock GL18 2AQ

Some examples of unusual discoveries found recently include:
A couple engaged for 37 years
The tragic death of 2 young men who drowned in The Leadon
A man unfortunately struck by lightening

All welcome, come along and meet us and help us to record our past for future generations


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Garland Hut Opening

Sunday June 18th | Start 9.30, 10.00, or 10.20 | Redmarley Village Hall
FREE but numbers are limited to 100
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Ceramic Daffodils Remembrance Project

DAFFODILS TOTAL = 201 and counting!
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Your Stories

Let us offer you support to research, write, record, create or contribute your local knowledge, images, memories and ephemera. Help celebrate the heritage of our lovely landscape,
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